Kids Good Stuff Multivitamin Smoothie - Choc Honeycomb - 16 Serves

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Nutritional Peace of Mind for Parents in a Tasty Smoothie they'll Love! 

It can be hard to get your kids a balance of nutrients - especially when they are fussy eaters of when food intolerances get in the way. Kids Good Stuff provides children with healthy support for physical and meal devlopment. It's an easy and delicious way to fill the gaps in their diets.

✔️ The Kids Good Stuff Multivitamin Smoothie is packed full of vitamins and minerals, greens, fruits, veggies and herbs. 
✔️ Give your kids the Good Stuff they need for optimal mental, physical and emotional development. Give them what they need to learn, grow and play.
✔️ With a delicious Chocolate Honeycomb flavour, they taste so delcious that even the fussiest eaters will love them! 
✔️ A perfect snack to help kids aged 4 and over thrive.


How to use:

Simply mix 2 scoops with milk and voila!